Golfstream Vision

An 18-hole lithium LifePO4 battery, which is supplied as standard, sits in a sleek power platform that is conveniently designed to take all other popular brands of batteries.
As with all Golfstream trolleys, the Vision holds your golf bag firmly in place by using the side arms, rather than balancing it on the central spine as most others do, avoiding unnecessary ‘bag wobble’ over bumpy ground.

A non-clogging front wheel housing, combined with easily detachable main wheels, ensures that cleaning and servicing is also a simple task. The button on the handle enables the Vision to be programmed for left and right-handed use and provides access to a distance control function, with speed increments of 0.5, enabling the speed to be perfectly matched to a golfer’s walking pace.

The main Caddy White screen can be personalised with a golfer’s details, whilst there is a ‘simplicity’ mode, also accessed through the button on the handle, for golfer’s who just want to get on with their game with the minimum of features.

For complete customisation, the whole colour scheme can be quickly swapped to any one of five colours from Golfstream’s new accessory range. The Golfstream Vision, which comes with a two-year parts and labour guarantee represents great value for money for golfers that demand total performance and reliability from their power trolley.


  Folds flatter than all main competitors’ trolleys

  Revolutionary Caddy White screen can be seen easily even in full sun

  One touch super simple fold/unfold

  Holds the bag beautifully without “perching” on the central beam to avoid bag wobble

  Non clogging front wheel housing

  Full livery colour swaps available

  Super slick high grip tyres

  Longer lasting tyres (5 times longer life than normal EVA)

  Easy off main wheels

  Distance control function

  Speed increments in 0.5 to get the perfect speed to match your pace

  Fully programmable left handed operation

  Personalisation of the main screen to allow names

  Simplicity mode for those who don’t want the fancy extras

Sureshot 5000 iP

  Super quiet powerful drive train for an uninterrupted round

  Sleek power platform to take all popular batteries

  Supplied with LiFePO4 lithium battery as standard

  Magnetic hold together latch for quick and simple hold

  Designed in the UK for simple reliable operation

  Two year parts and labour guarantee, 3 years on lithium batteries

  Available without battery and charger if desired

  Patented one-touch, easy-fold mechanism that makes the Vision the simplest trolley to set up and fold away in the world

  Small fold down size making it one of the most compact trolleys in its class in the market today

  Magnetic latch that holds the trolley together in the folded position to make carrying and transporting the Vision hassle-free

  High-grip slick PU tyres that are five times more durable than normal tyres providing a super-smooth, cushioned ride for your clubs and valuables

  200v whisper-quiet motor that will carry your clubs with ease across all terrains

  Dimensions; Back axle width 595mm-Length 865mm-Height 285mm

  New Waterproof Golf bag now available