Srixon’s main design brief for the AD333 was to design a golf ball that would have the ultimate playability on every shot.
Srixon have made this happen. Srixon has introduced SpinSkin to the AD333 range and what a difference it has made.
SpinSkin was originally developed for the Z Star range but after trying it in the AD333 golf ball Srixon has seen performance increase so much. SpinSkin is a softer more flexible dimple pattern that causes 20% more friction off the clubface resulting exceptional greenside spin and performance without sacrificing distance.
The new Srixon AD333 golf ball maintains all the technology that made it the UK’s biggest selling 2-piece golf ball.
Product Features
  • SpinSkin Technology
  • High Visibility Technology makes the ball easier to see through the air and in the rough
  • Speed Dimple Design will reduce drag for a penetrating flight and add more yards to your carry